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Pixel 7 smartphone owners complain about the spontaneous destruction of the glass of the camera lens.

Published: 2023-01-06

The owners of smartphones Pixel 7 are faced with a problem, the cause of which is still unknown. On Twitter and on the Reddit forum, users report "spontaneous breakage" of the glass covering the main camera lens. Moreover, glass damage is not the result of bumps or falls of the smartphone. Although some users claim that glass cracks appear at low temperatures.

According to the publications of PhoneArena and Android Police, complaints about this began to arrive in November - a month after the start of sales of smartphones. Based on pictures posted on social media, the problem is affecting both the $599 Pixel 7 and the $899 Pixel 7 Pro. Some users say they were charged $200 to $400 to fix the damage, while others say Google agreed to do the repair under warranty.

Often, glass breakage occurs after a change in ambient temperature - when the smartphone was moved from a warm room to a cold one or to the street, where the temperature is lower than in the room.

“Walked my dog during a cold snap last week (below -15°C) and pulled out my phone to take a picture. I noticed a lot of glare, so I started wiping the camera lens, and the glass was already broken. I found shards of glass in my pocket,” wrote Reddit user u/blazers_n_bowties. He added that Google support refused to consider this a warranty case, as it is a matter of "physical damage."

And Twitter user Heydon Faber (@CSThrowaway), who also encountered the problem on his Pixel 7 smartphone, expressed outrage at the company's quality control. “They told me it was my problem. Is this really Google's quality control? This is clearly a manufacturing defect and I know I'm not the only one. Please fix this google!” he wrote on the social network.

Google has been approached for comment on user posts, but the company has yet to respond to a request.