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Chinese companies will gradually withdraw Apple iPhone orders from Taiwanese competitors.

Published: 2023-01-09

The desire of Apple contractors to transfer production from China to other countries does not particularly affect the “national” affiliation of the final contractors, therefore, even in the new conditions, companies from China are able to effectively compete with Taiwanese contractors for the right to manufacture Apple products. Kirkland Capital analysts are convinced of this.

Now Taiwan's Foxconn and Pegatron remain the priority contractors for the release of the iPhone, and the former of them is still the exclusive manufacturer of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, while orders for the production of simpler smartphones of the family are distributed among a large number of manufacturers. According to Kirkland Capital, Chinese companies have succeeded in technological terms in almost all areas, with the exception of the semiconductor manufacturing sector.

For this reason, as noted by CNBC, Chinese competitors will pull on more and more orders from Apple. An example is the Chinese company Luxshare, which is rumored to have received orders for the production of older iPhone models in China. The launch of the iPhone 14 Pro Max in Kunshan was set up on a small scale by Luxshare after Foxconn ran into trouble at its Zhengzhou facility this fall. Founded in 2004 by a native of Foxconn, the Chinese Luxshare first specialized in the production of cables for the iPhone and MacBook, but then mastered the production of AirPods wireless headphones.

Chinese companies have no problem hiring Chinese citizens as employees, while Taiwanese competitors are not so easy with this. They also get more tax breaks from the Chinese authorities, which ultimately allows them to fill orders at lower prices. It is only necessary to achieve the quality of products that would suit Apple. Back in 2021, China overtook Taiwan in terms of concentration of Apple's largest suppliers.