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China will build the largest and most powerful wind turbine in the world - a diameter of 260 meters and a capacity of 18 MW.

Published: 2023-01-10

Chinese state-owned shipbuilding corporation CSSC Haizhuang announced the production of an 18 MW H260-18MW wind generator. Three blades 128 m long each form a rotor diameter of 260 m, and the area formed during rotation of the circle is equal to eight football fields - about 53 thousand m2. For one revolution of the blades, the turbine will generate 44.8 kWh of electricity. This has never happened before in the industry.

Today, the largest and most powerful turbine is in trial operation in Denmark. This is a Vestas V236-15 MW wind generator with a capacity of 15 MW. The unit has a blade length of 115 m and a rotor diameter of 236 m. Simultaneously, CSSC Haizhuang is completing on-site assembly of a new 16 MW MySE 16.0-242 wind turbine. It is expected that this turbine with blades 118 m long and a rotor with a diameter of 242 m will be put into trial operation in the middle of this year. However, CSSC decided to go further and began to create an even more powerful installation - the 18 MW H260-18MW.

The meaning of such megalomania is that significant amounts of funds for the creation of offshore wind farms are used to build a foundation on the seabed. And the more powerful a single tower, the generally cheaper it is to create a farm. A 1 GW offshore wind farm using 18 MW turbines will require 13 percent fewer units than a 16 MW, according to CSSC. By doing so, the amount of work on the seabed will be reduced and this will save "hundreds of millions of yuan" (tens of millions of US dollars).

The company did not share plans for commissioning new turbines. Judging by the video and photos, the installation is only partially completed. In addition, non-trivial construction and transport measures are still ahead. However, the installation and blades are being built at the corporation's offshore plant, which will greatly facilitate the delivery of the blades and other components to the wind turbine installation site.