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Travel of the future: the concept of moving people by land and air without any transfers is presented.

Published: 2023-01-12

Two American start-ups, Node Air and JetX, have begun to jointly develop the concept of mixed passenger transportation with a flight, where passengers do not need to transfer anywhere. The concept assumes a modular approach. Passengers sit in a standard module. It is taken by a wheeled chassis, which in specially designated places gives the passenger module to the air chassis. Upon arrival, the process is reversed.

Thus, the developers intend to bypass the main inconvenience associated with flights - a trip to the airport and waiting for boarding and the same procedure after arrival, only in reverse order. The modular solution will allow passengers to travel door-to-door without visiting the airport and all associated costs.

Node Air started developing the idea. The other day, she entered into an agreement with JetX to jointly develop the project. JetX has an original solution for an electric power plant with a variable thrust vector. Unfortunately, each of the companies can offer only the concept of a particular solution. None of them have any detailed design projects.

The idea looks attractive and may be implemented sometime in the future. But until powerful electric motors and super-capacity batteries are created, development will most likely remain nothing more than a beautiful idea. Maybe a patent, but not a real project.