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Microsoft Integrates ChatGPT into Azure Open AI Cloud Service.

Published: 2023-01-17

Microsoft will give more customers access to the Azure Open AI service, including the ChatGPT smart chatbot that has gained a lot of popularity lately. The software giant announced the expansion of the availability of Azure Open AI, which debuted in November 2021 and has been available to a limited number of users since then.

According to the source, the company's customers with access to the service can use different Open AI products in their own cloud applications, including the DALL-E text description image generator and the GPT-3.5 language system. At the same time, Microsoft promises to soon make available to customers the ChatGPT chat bot, which is described as a "debugged version of GPT-3.5."

Microsoft is closely linked to Open AI, in which it invested $1 billion in 2019. This investment gave the software giant access to cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies. According to the source, Microsoft is currently planning to invest another $10 billion in Open AI, due to which the market capitalization of the latter will grow to $29 billion.

While Open AI has been around for a long time, the company has come into the spotlight with the recent launch of ChatGPT, a smart chatbot. It is built on the basis of a neural network and is capable of providing detailed, coherent answers to questions that imitate human speech with high accuracy. The advent of ChatGPT raised concerns that the bot could be used for fraud.