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Paid Twitter Blue subscriptions may not return to iOS - Musk does not want to give Apple a commission of 30%.

Published: 2022-11-30

Twitter is due to return the paid subscription Blue soon, but at the time of its renewal, it may not be available for payment through the social network app for iOS. The thing is that the new head of Twitter, Elon Musk, does not want to give the Apple App Store a commission of 30% of the amounts paid by users. Previously, the Blue package was expected to be available to users again from Tuesday.

When Musk temporarily brought back the ability to pay for a subscription, the transfer of funds was only possible through the Twitter app for iOS. Nevertheless, he has repeatedly published posts about his dissatisfaction with Apple and, apparently, intends to find a way to get rid of the need for third-party intermediary companies to process payments.

Musk previously said that the Blue subscription, which allows you to buy a blue verification badge, was due to restart on Tuesday after a hiatus caused by a slew of fake accounts after Musk made verification universal.

However, the restart has been delayed. According to some reports, Twitter employees were told that new changes are expected in the paid plan, including an increase in the price from $7.99 to $8 and mandatory verification using a phone number.

Throughout November, Musk repeatedly criticized Apple on his own social network. On November 18, he called the App Store fee a "hidden 30% tax on the Internet," and on Monday said that Apple had stopped advertising on the social network and that the company had threatened to remove Twitter from the App Store.

Apple has never publicly commented on Musk's tweets, but according to some sources, the causes of the conflict may be mass layoffs of employees of the social network, leading to a reduction in content moderation teams, as well as Musk's decision to return access to blocked accounts, which in some way goes against the policy App Store.