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Twitter now relies more on automation for content moderation.

Published: 2022-12-04

Twitter, led by Elon Musk, relies heavily on automation for content moderation, eschewing manual content review in certain cases and favoring distribution restrictions over the removal of certain statements, Ella Irwin, Twitter's vice president of trust and security, told Reuters.

Twitter is now more actively restricting certain hashtags and filtering search results related to illegal activities in a number of areas, including child exploitation, regardless of the potential consequences of the "harmless use" of these terms, Ella Irwin said. Twitter, in collaboration with the cybersecurity group Ghost Data, has removed about 44,000 accounts linked to child safety violations, she said.

“The biggest thing that has changed is that the team is fully prepared to move fast and be as aggressive as possible,” Irvey said. This is the first interview given by a Twitter executive since Musk's acquisition of the social network in late October. After Musk announced an amnesty for accounts blocked under the previous leadership, the owners of which "did not violate the law or did not participate in spamming," researchers reported a surge in hate speech on the social network.

After Musk fired half of his employees, many had doubts about the company's ability to moderate malicious and illegal content. On Friday, Musk promised to "significantly strengthen content moderation and freedom of speech protection" at a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron.