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The CNET publication did not advertise the use of AI for writing articles, which caused a flurry of criticism and suspension of publications.

Published: 2023-01-21

According to sources, the disclosure of a plethora of AI-written publications on CNET caused a flurry of criticism and prompted management to begin investigating the practice. The owner of the resource appointed those responsible to study the situation and find a way out of it, as well as to formulate conclusions about the future use of AI in the field of journalism on the resource. Publication of generated articles has been suspended.

At the moment, it is not clear at what level decisions were made on the publication of AI-generated articles on financial topics. At the same time, third-party resources caught CNET officials in a lie. For example, representatives of the publication claimed that the notes created by the robot were proofread by specialists to search for errors and inconsistencies. However, it was precisely because of the presence of gross errors that it became clear that the texts were of artificial origin.

But the biggest mistake was the implicit attribution of notes. It was possible to find out about the dubious status of the author only by a tooltip-hint about the author under the nickname CNET Money. If the publisher had clearly indicated the authorship of the AI, then most likely there would not have been any scandal. AI publications could well be considered an experiment. Finally, if AI generated articles about cats, then this would not cause a strong reaction either. Another thing is materials about the financial sector, and this is the bread of the authors of a completely different level.

In general, we can say that the "initiation" of CNET is out of control and clearly requires rethinking, which is what the owners of the publication promised to do. In the meantime, AI publications are suspended both on the CNET website and on Red Ventures' Bankrate and CreditCards resources.