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Samsung fails to suspend litigation with Caltech while patents are pending.

Published: 2023-01-21

Samsung, which is the defendant in a lawsuit with the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), has been unable to convince an East Texas federal court to stay the case while the patents that form the basis of the lawsuit are being challenged.

District Judge Rodney Gilstrap said he did not see the need to suspend the hearing while the Patent Trial and Appeals Chamber (PTAB) examines the documents - this could be detrimental to the plaintiff. Caltech sued Samsung after it managed to win a lawsuit against Apple and Broadcom with the same set of documents. Then the institute was awarded compensation in the amount of $1.1 billion, but the defendants managed to win the appeal, and the case will be retried. Similar lawsuits have been filed against Microsoft, Dell and HP.

In 2021, Caltech accused Samsung of violating the same patents, stating that the data transfer technologies described in them are illegally used by a Korean manufacturer in the production of Wi-Fi-enabled products: smartphones, tablets, smart watches, TVs and refrigerators. In response, Samsung has challenged the validity of these documents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The company applied to the court with a motion to suspend the hearings until the completion of the examination - as arguments, the defendant stated that the trial was at an early stage, and the PTAB decision would simplify further consideration of the case.

Judge Gilstrap replied that the suspension of the hearings would do nothing more than delay the case, and it is not certain that the PTAB decision will somehow simplify its further consideration - the department has not yet even appointed an examination of the disputed documents. The pause, the judge added, will require additional resources from the parties, and with the delay in the case, which has already been pending for more than a year, the opportunity for Caltech to protect its patent rights is also being delayed. Judicial hearings will begin in September, and a decision on the validity of the patents could be made in November.