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Head of Xbox on the dismissal of 10 thousand Microsoft employees: “I know it hurts”

Published: 2023-01-22

Earlier, Microsoft officially announced the upcoming mass layoffs. They also affected Xbox departments, including ZeniMax and other studios. In this regard, the head of the gaming division of Microsoft Phil Spencer sent an email to employees expressing support. But not everyone liked it.

An unnamed Xbox employee gave Kotaku a copy of an email from Phil Spencer. In it, he addressed employees saying that it was painful for management to make such difficult decisions. However, they will help the success of future products and business in the long run. “I know it hurts. Thank you for supporting your colleagues amid these changes,” he wrote.

Phil Spencer promised that he would answer questions from employees in the coming weeks. And he assured that the leadership would be as transparent as possible. “Xbox has a long history of success thanks to the work you do for players, creators and each other. Your work is highly valued in these times of change and is an integral part of our business. I am confident in our future and proud to be part of this team, but also aware that this is a challenging time and I want to thank you for everything you are doing here,” he added.

A current Xbox employee contacted Kotaku and spoke out about Spencer's appeal. He believes that it does not sound sincere, but like a corporate formulaic reply. And he doubts that meetings or other support measures will help someone feel better in such a situation.

On January 18, Microsoft announced the layoff of 10,000 employees, including those from 343 Industries, The Coalition, ZeniMax Media and Bethesda Game Studios. Some have lost their jobs despite giving the company decades and becoming high-ranking professionals.