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OpenAI will help teachers identify work written with ChatGPT AI bot.

Published: 2023-01-23

OpenAI, the developer of the ChatGPT AI bot, said it will be building a solution that can help schools detect the use of AI in student work. CEO Sam Altman spoke about this, and at the same time warned that no one can give a 100% guarantee of detecting the use of AI.

“There are ways we can help teachers be more likely to discover products from a GPT-like system. But frankly, a goal-oriented person will beat them," Altman told StrictlyVC editor Connie Loizos after schools in the New York City Department of Education and the Seattle Public School system banned students and teachers from using ChatGPT to prevent plagiarism and write-offs.

“AI-generated text is something we all need to adapt to,” Altman said. “I guess we've adapted to calculators, which has changed the way math classes are taught. It's a more extreme version, no doubt, but the benefits are also more extreme."

The ban on the use of the ChatGPT AI bot has sparked discussions - especially among teachers - about how AI can change the education system and the way students learn in general. Altman noted that although teachers are not comfortable using ChatGPT for homework, this chatbot can be "an incredible personal tutor for every child."

According to the CEO of OpenAI, a chatbot can be a fun learning tool. "I'd rather have ChatGPT teach me something than read a textbook myself," says Altman.

He also said that OpenAI will explore what solutions can be used to label content created by ChatGPT - watermarking technologies or other methods, but warned that such tools cannot be completely relied upon. “Basically, I think it's impossible to make a perfect solution,” he said. People will understand what part of the text they need to change. There will be other ways to modify the generated text."