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OCP and JEDEC to develop chiplet standards together.

Published: 2023-01-24

The Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP), a not-for-profit organization specializing in the development of data center equipment based on open specifications, and the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, a world leader in the development of standards for the microelectronics industry, announced a new collaboration agreement to include technologies developed by using OCP approved specifications into JEDEC standards.

The OCP Chiplet Data Extensible Markup Language (CDXML), created to standardize the description of chiplet components, will be part of the JEDEC JEP30 (Part Model Guidelines). Using the updated JEDEC standard, which is expected to be published in 2023, chip manufacturers will be able to provide a standardized description of components, which will enable the use of automation systems for the design and assembly (SiP) of chips. The description will include information on thermal performance, physical and mechanical requirements, behavioral characteristics, power and signal integrity requirements, packaged chiplet testing information, and safety parameters.

OCP has been investing in research for several years to drive the economy of "open chiplets" through its Open Domain Specific Architecture (ODSA) project. “We are excited to forge this alliance with JEDEC to ensure that the work done at ODSA becomes part of the global international standard that advances the industry,” says OCP. In turn, JEDEC notes, "JEDEC and OCP agree that standards developed through an open community and industry collaboration are necessary for the development of efficient markets."

Yole Group analysts note that the semiconductor supply chain is diverse, as it must ensure the release of electronic equipment for various purposes and industries. At the same time, chip vendors use extremely heterogeneous platforms, and chip production is becoming increasingly complex and costly. That's why manufacturers started using chiplets. However, none of the suppliers has the extensive experience to serve all industries. Adopting open standards is "critical to accelerating the chiplet economy," according to the Yole Group.