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China launches the world's fastest hydrogen-powered passenger train, and it also has an autopilot.

Published: 2023-01-25

The world's largest manufacturer of railway transport - the Chinese corporation CRRC - introduced its first passenger train powered by hydrogen fuel. The four-car train was the fastest in the world of its kind. It can reach speeds of up to 160 km / h, which is 20 km / h ahead of the German counterpart of Alstom.

The Germans started working on hydrogen trains much earlier than the Chinese, so last year there were already 14 four-car hydrogen-powered Coradia iLint trains in operation in Germany. The development was successful and other EU countries have already placed orders for dozens of similar formulations. Throughout the entire route, a hydrogen-fueled train emits only pure water during the operation of the power plant.

At the same time, it should be understood that infrastructure plays a major role in the development of hydrogen transport in any country. In this regard, China is ahead of everyone on the planet. According to Information Trends analysts, there are just over 1,000 hydrogen filling stations in the world today, and a third of them are deployed in China. If this pace continues, China promises to become a leader in the deployment of transport routes using hydrogen as a fuel.

Where the Chinese development is inferior to the German one is in reserve. The Alstom train can cover up to 1,000 km on one gas station, while the CRRC train can only travel up to 600 km. At the same time, the CRRC train has a number of other advantages: it supports 5G communications, is able to move on autopilot, independently return to the depot, wake up, start and make stops.