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Meta will create a dedicated team to integrate AI products into Instagram and WhatsApp.

Published: 2023-02-28

Meta intends to create a new development team that will specialize in generative AI products that allow you to create text, draw pictures and generate other digital content. New developments will have to be carried out to remain competitive - more and more businesses are joining the race to develop and integrate AI models into their products.

According to CNBC, the new division will bring together several teams already working at Meta. It is known that the group will be headed by the company's product director Chris Cox. According to the head of Meta Mark Zuckerberg, the formed team will create "creative and expressive" tools for use in the company's products.

According to him, Meta is now exploring the potential for generating materials in various formats, from texts (actively used in WhatsApp and Messenger) to images (the experience of creating filters and ads is being explored), as well as video and multimodal content. There's a lot of basic work to be done before the company can deliver a "truly futuristic experience," Zuckerberg said.

It is known that the large language models created by OpenAI made it possible to integrate a smart chatbot into the Microsoft Bing search engine, and there is also a separate product based on the same - ChatGPT. Google is working on the Bard bot, many companies, including Chinese, are creating their own versions.

Last week, Meta announced its own large LLaMA language model, at which time the company said that its models are different from those used in bots like ChatGPT - they are smaller and cheaper to operate than larger models from other companies.

Nevertheless, the announcement was an important signal that Meta, actively engaged in developments in the field of artificial intelligence, does not intend to give way to competitors in the race for supremacy in this area.