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Instagram will tell users about the suitability of their posts to showcase in recommendations.

Published: 2022-12-08

Content creators have long complained about the inability to predict the Instagram rank of their posts. Now, the social network has said that account holders will be able to see if their post has been blocked from showing up in recommendations and other sections.

Now Instagram will directly report whether posts are too "sharp" to recommend to other users - even if they do not formally violate the rules of the social network. Content creators and businesses will be able to verify the fact of blocking in some sections of the application.

In the settings menu, users of professional accounts can now see if the recommendation of their posts to users who are not followers is blocked. Recommendations appear (or do not appear), for example, in the Explore section, and in the SERP on the main page. It is known that by the end of 2023, Meta intends to more than double the amount of recommended content shown to users.

In order for a post to appear in the Explore section and other sections, posts must comply with the rules for recommended content: in theory, users can post content that shows violence - like a video of a fight, but it will not be recommended to other visitors to the social network. Content creators and business account operators will be able to edit, delete posts, and file appeals if their posts are found to be inappropriate for recommendations.

An update to the account status page is likely to strike a chord with content creators who have always suspected Instagram of being a social network. "shadow blocking" - the practice of discreetly limiting the possibilities of users without the announcement of any sanctions. In the end, the new feature will clarify whether user-generated content is indeed subject to implicit discrimination on the social network and why.