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Twitter Blue subscription relaunch scheduled for Monday, iOS users will pay $11 instead of $8.

Published: 2022-12-11

At the end of the workweek, the Twitter audience was waiting for news about the renewal of the Blue subscription for $ 8 per month, but messages on this topic appeared on the social network only on Saturday evening. The company has confirmed that Twitter Blue will launch under new terms on Monday, with new account verification features and cost differentiation for Android and iOS users.

As discussed amid the rumors the day before, if Android users are offered a $8 per month Twitter Blue subscription, then iOS users will have to pay $11. However, if the latter do not find it difficult to pay through a special website, and not through an application in the App Store, then they will be able to get off with $8 per month. In fact, this indirectly confirms the conditions that Elon Musk and Tim Cook could have negotiated during a personal meeting at Apple headquarters. The latter company charges a 30 percent commission on iOS app payments, and Twitter didn't want to lose subscription revenue, so the monthly fee for that platform was increased from $8 to $11. At the same time, the option of paying through a third-party site does not provide for commission, so in this case, even iOS users can pay $8 per month.

Twitter has confirmed in a series of publications that blue checkmarks will be available to private users of the Blue service as a symbol of a successful account verification. The "official" label for business accounts will gradually be replaced with gold checkmarks, and over the next week, Twitter will begin issuing gray checkmarks to government accounts and multi-user accounts.

Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to edit tweets, download 1080p video, read mode and directly verify with a blue check mark. However, the selection of accounts to be verified will be carried out by Twitter specialists, therefore, subscribing in itself does not guarantee the instant completion of this procedure. Users will be able to change the signatures and photos in the account profile, but after that they will have to go through the verification procedure again and lose the blue checkmark for a while. Elon Musk himself added yesterday that Twitter is almost done with removing the 280-character limit on tweets.