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While fighting bots, Twitter accidentally blocked several providers.

Published: 2022-12-13

Last Sunday, the owner and head of Twitter Elon Musk said on his page on the social network that "the bots are in for a surprise." What it was supposed to be, the businessman did not explain, but in the following hours the platform blocked the traffic of about 30 providers around the world.

As a result, the owners of several hundred accounts, mainly in the Asia-Pacific region, lost access to the social network: in India, Indonesia, Malaysia and even in Russia, although Roskomnadzor blocked the service in early March. The actions of the Twitter administration were aimed at eliminating spam, but instead of fighting individual violators of the rules, the social network applied restrictive measures against mobile operators whose resources were associated with the largest spam networks. As a result, platform users who use two-factor authorization have lost the ability to log into their accounts - they have stopped receiving SMS. Subsequently, the traffic of these operators was completely blocked.

From 5:35 a.m. to 6:45 p.m. PT on December 12, Twitter closed access for major carriers in India and Russia, as well as Indonesia's second-largest ISP, Platformer reported. Almost immediately, the administration of the platform began to receive complaints from conscientious users who lost access to Twitter. Complaints began to come in from providers. As a result, the social network promptly unblocked the operators and announced to them that the problems arose due to “routing configuration changes”.

The Platformer resource reported another incident related to the actions of unscrupulous Twitter users. Over the weekend, Mr. Musk asked his subordinates to explain why a message related to cryptocurrency fraud was published under a certain verified account impersonating him with impunity. Subsequently, it turned out that we are talking about a previously verified account that was hacked - after the incident, it was blocked, and the Mask's photo was removed from the profile.

It also turned out that the automatic content moderation tool, which was developed by Smyte, a social network purchased back in 2018, has been unstable for at least the last week. After the incident, Twitter employees had to make additional adjustments to the tool, extending its action to verified accounts.