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Twitter is testing a Blue for Business subscription, and Musk is ready to leave the right to vote on Twitter policy only to paid subscribers.

Published: 2022-12-21

The implied need to step down as CEO of Twitter in yesterday's vote does not prevent Elon Musk from implementing reforms in the social network. He supported the idea of one of the subscribers of the Twitter Blue service to allow only those who pay for a subscription to vote on social network policy changes. At the same time, it was announced that it was testing a Twitter Blue subscription for corporate clients.

As it turns out, "checkmark color differentiation" doesn't fully reveal the status of Twitter users. Earlier it was reported that blue ticks will be given to individuals who subscribe to Twitter Blue, companies will get gold ones, and government organizations will get gray ones. This week, Twitter launched testing to a limited number of corporate customers of the Blue for Business subscription, which includes the introduction of an additional identifier - the company logo in a square frame next to a gold checkmark. Such proximity will mean that the division to which the account belongs is related to the parent company, whose logo is displayed in a square icon.

In the case of individuals, the proximity of such a logo in a square frame will indicate a connection with the corresponding company. However, such insignia will also be inherent in members of sports teams or any other user associations. No explanations were given regarding the features of a corporate subscription or its cost by Twitter representatives, a full-fledged launch of the service will take place next year. Along the way, it is noted that certain subscription features will not be available on some platforms - perhaps some differences between Android and iOS are meant.

Elon Musk recently said he would be discussing key Twitter policy changes with social network users, but this week agreed with a suggestion from a Twitter Blue subscriber that only paying users would be allowed to vote. According to him, this change should be implemented in practice. Now the bulk of Twitter's revenue comes from advertisers, but Elon Musk is determined to turn the tide by making the company dependent on subscriber funds. Apparently, at the expense of private users, it will not be possible to generate sufficient cash flow, and therefore Twitter will charge corporate customers as well.