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Twitter Institutional Investor Thinks He Can Get Up To 400% Profit In A Few Years.

Published: 2022-12-21

While Tesla investors are increasingly showing dissatisfaction with Elon Musk's passion for solving Twitter's problems, investors in the capital of the latter company believe in the ability of the billionaire to lead this social network to success. In a few years, profits can reach four or five times the size, they are convinced.

Similar hopes are shared by Miami-based Aliya Capital Partners, which acted as one of the investors in the $360 million buyout of Twitter shares at the end of October. out of 229 million users who access the social network daily. In a few years, this will cover the cost of repurchasing Twitter shares by four or five times, according to representatives of Aliya Capital Partners. The company's clients are many wealthy Americans, management considers its investment in Twitter capital not very risky.

Such confidence is based on the experience of previous investments in the capital of companies headed by Elon Musk. Aliya Capital Partners is a shareholder in both Tesla and SpaceX. The first was able to significantly advance the development of the electric vehicle market, and the second bypassed the US government agency NASA in terms of technology, implementing those projects that were not up to it. According to the management of Aliya Capital Partners, in the case of Twitter, the commercial success of Musk's initiatives is guaranteed.

Recall that now Twitter receives the main income from advertising, but in the future it is going to live and develop at the expense of subscribers. For individuals, the Twitter Blue subscription has already relaunched at $8 per month ($11 for iOS users). The company is currently testing a subscription version for corporate users, but its financial terms have not yet been disclosed, as the commercial operation of the service will begin next year.