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Thousands of Twitter users from New York to Tokyo complained about social network outages.

Published: 2022-12-29

On Wednesday, at least 15,000 Twitter users around the world were unable to use the social network due to a massive outage that prevented them from accessing the popular media platform or using its key functions.

The statistics of the well-known site Downdetector, which monitors failures of Internet services and individual resources, including those based on user requests, showed that complaints were left by more than 10 thousand users from the United States and about 2.5 thousand from Japan, another 2.5 thousand .- from the UK. The number of complaints dropped significantly by evening. Twitter has not yet responded to inquiries from reporters.

During outages, many users were unable to sign in at all from desktops and laptops. In addition, users of the mobile application also suffered. In some cases, when trying to log in, users were notified that there was a problem, but this is not their fault and it is worth trying again. Numerous rumors and memes with the hashtag #TwitterDown have already appeared on the social network.

“It works for me,” Elon Musk laconically responded to a complaint from one of the users. However, Musk himself has recently become more willing to get involved in political debates and, in part, demonstrates signs of megalomania in separate posts.

The failure occurred two months after Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion, after which the billionaire took a series of chaotic organizational and personnel measures, bringing confusion to the work of the service. Thousands of people are known to have left the company in November, including many of the people responsible for troubleshooting and preventing Twitter outages. However, not only Twitter, but also other technology companies suffered from disruptions in the past year. For example, in July, Rogers Telecommunications, a telecom operator, stopped providing millions of people with access to banking, transport and government IT services for 19 hours.