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Tesla Megapack mobile charging station burned down in California.

Published: 2023-01-05

In the US, there was another case of fire involving a Tesla Megapack battery container. This time, the fire broke out at a mobile mobile station that the company occasionally sets up to support customers at overused stationary charging stations, such as during the holidays. The trailer with the batteries was completely burned out, fortunately it was some distance from the stationary charging station and it was not damaged.

The problem with Tesla Megapack fires is that lithium batteries cannot be extinguished using water. In this case, firefighters are ordered to control the burning of the batteries, which is expressed in preventing the spread of fire, while the battery itself burns out quietly. At the same time, many harmful substances are released into the air, and citizens in the district are usually advised to close windows and doors and not go outside. So, for example, it was in Australia, when one of the containers caught fire at the Tesla Megapack complex.

Last year, a Tesla Megapack container caught fire at a new energy storage facility in California. The mobile container fire was the third publicly reported Megapack battery pack fire. It was reported by drivers who witnessed the incident on January 1 in Baker, California. Since Tesla has abolished the department in the US to respond to media inquiries on such incidents, there is no official reaction from the company to this event.

Let isolated, but potentially dangerous cases of ignition of Tesla Megapack containers should make you think about developing effective ways to extinguish lithium energy storage devices. More and more such batteries are being installed and controlled burning is not the best way out of critical situations.