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Biden called on the US Congress to limit the activities of tech giants.

Published: 2023-01-13

The President of the United States published an article calling on representatives of the Republican and Democratic parties to put aside differences for a while and develop a bill that would limit the activities of technology giants without naming a single company directly.

The head of state outlined three areas that require the most prompt intervention, and first of all, this is the issue of confidentiality. In his opinion, it is necessary to impose severe restrictions on the work of technology companies with such types of personal information as location, browsing and message history, as well as medical, biometric and genetic data - a significant part of this companies should not collect at all. Another important issue here is targeted advertising on the Internet. The President of the United States believes that its algorithms should also be limited, and in relation to children, it should be completely banned.

Further, the author of the article touched upon the issue of content and recommendation algorithms in social networks. On the eve of the 2020 elections, he promised, when he came to power, to repeal the law that removes responsibility from companies owning social networks for the activities of users - this never happened, although legislators tried several times to limit this rule. The head of the American state also believes that large technology companies should increase transparency regarding recommender algorithms: any form of discrimination or distribution of potentially harmful content to children is unacceptable.

The third area designated by the US President is competition in the technology industry. He noted that as companies grow, they find ways to promote their products by putting competitors at a disadvantage or even eliminating them, while a healthy economy means that everyone should be able to compete on an equal footing with the biggest players. In particular, he called on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to reinstate the principles of net neutrality and said that mergers in the technology industry will be subject to more scrutiny. However, the possibilities of the executive branch are limited, therefore, the active participation of legislators is necessary, and for them to work effectively, they need to forget about disagreements between the largest parties in the country.