Action rules. Rules for inviting partners.

Promotion starts January 1, 2023 Promotion ends March 31, 2023

The system may block or delete your account without saving the earned bitcoins. If we notice violations on your part. Do not try to cheat the system for profit in a dishonest way.

Registration of multiple accounts is prohibited.

Registration from one IP address is prohibited.

An account that does not provide a valid email address will be deleted. Postal addresses must be valid. Use only a valid work email address. This is necessary to restore access to your account if you forget your password. Without a valid personal email address to which you have access, you will not be able to withdraw earned bitcoins.

Note! The system checks by whom, how and from where the partner was invited. Don't try to cheat the system. This may result in the deletion of your account.

Warn your partners that the account can be deleted if they do not provide a valid email address in their personal account.

Partners invited before the day when the promotion was launched are not taken into account. Only those partners who have been invited since the start of the promotion are considered.

Where and how can I invite partners?

We have prepared for you a list of social networks where you can promote your referral link.

You can invite partners in any social networks. Show imagination. Come up with the text of the post or copy the already prepared text, do not forget to add pictures, so your post will attract more attention and, accordingly, there will be more transitions and registrations through your referral link. Most importantly, do not abuse the number of posts in a short period of time. Don't spam. To avoid blocking and removing you from these social networks.

List of social networks: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

For your convenience and best wishes. What would you be able to earn and become independent. The list will be updated. Good for you!

Where and how can I hide, shorten my referral link?

To shorten and hide your referral link, you can use special free services for shortening referral links. For example: | | |