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Scientists have experimentally proven the possibility of energy teleportation.

Published: 2023-01-17

Quantum entanglement allows incredible possibilities for transferring the state of particles over infinite distances in a matter of moments. This is usually called teleportation, although in the usual sense this is far from being the case. However, scientists have learned how to experiment with the instantaneous transfer of "information" using entangled particles, on which the quantum Internet will be built. Now researchers have proven that energy can also be teleported.

The possibility of quantum energy teleportation about 20 years ago began to prove the Japanese physicist Masahiro Hotta from the University of Tohoku. In a number of works during this time, he substantiated the possibility of such phenomena and laid the foundation for setting up an experiment. The experiment was delivered by another Japanese - Kazuki Ikeda from Stony Brook University in the state of New York. In his work, which is available on the arXiv website, Ikeda claims that he has succeeded in teleporting energy for the first time using a conventional quantum computer.

“We report the first implementation and observation of quantum energy teleportation on real quantum hardware,” he said, adding that the possibility of energy teleportation could have profound implications for the future of the quantum internet.

The key idea behind quantum energy teleportation is that the energy of any quantum system is constantly fluctuating. It is these natural fluctuations of energy that can be used at the quantum level. Energy is neither gained nor lost, as Masahiro Hotta showed, it is simply transferred. If the energy of one of the bound quantum particles can be measured, then the same value (by analogy with the transfer of state or “information”) can be extracted from another bound quantum particle, wherever it is at that moment in the Universe.

Today, finding a quantum computer for such an experiment is not difficult. Ikeda's group took advantage of remote access to an IBM quantum computer, on which they ran their unique algorithm. The algorithm worked as intended and made it possible to obtain a result consistent with Hott's theory. Quantum energy teleportation occurred within the IBM quantum processor, but if the experience is repeated on any quantum network that is gradually being deployed in the US, then scientists expect to see energy teleportation over distances of many kilometers.

Another thing is how significant this transfer of energy will be, so that it can be used for practical reasons? In any case, new data about the quantum world will allow us to learn more about the world in which we live.