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Elon Musk is ready to find a replacement as the head of not only Twitter, but also Tesla.

Published: 2022-11-18

Tesla shareholders' concern about Elon Musk's over-enthusiasm for other projects has even led to him appearing in court trying to defend his right to a compensation package in the form of company shares in the amount of $56 billion. During the court hearings, interesting revelations were made from two sources at once. , which indicate that Elon Musk does not exclude the appointment of other people to the positions of leaders of Twitter and Tesla.

The current head of Twitter said that the first period after the acquisition of this company implies that he is highly involved in implementing reforms, which he intends to complete for the most part this week. Going forward, Musk will lessen the need to spend so much time managing Twitter. Musk hasn't even ruled out appointing a new CEO to replace himself: "I'm looking forward to reducing my time at Twitter and eventually finding someone else to run Twitter."

Elon Musk confirmed that he is involving Tesla engineering staff in the analysis of the state of affairs on Twitter, but everyone involved in the process does this voluntarily and in their spare time. The billionaire also sent a new email to Twitter employees yesterday offering them a choice between having to work hard at a high-intensity company or leaving the company if they don't agree, receiving three months' salary compensation.

In August, at a meeting with Tesla shareholders, Elon Musk said that he was going to lead this company for as long as he could remain useful. At the same time, he is confident that Tesla expects a bright future even without him at the helm. At that point, Musk stressed that he was not going to step down as CEO of Tesla.

The topic of finding a successor to the head of Tesla was accidentally raised by board member James Murdoch, who also had to testify in court. According to him, Musk knows who could lead the company after him. At the same time, the representative of this Tesla board did not mention the names of the candidates.

Musk also noted that he has a negative attitude towards the CEO position itself, although he himself is currently the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter, and also heads startups The Boring Company and Neuralink. “At SpaceX, I am responsible for the design of rockets, and at Tesla, for the technology that makes these machines successful,” Elon Musk said without false modesty in court. The title of CEO is usually associated with a managerial role in a business, he said, but in reality, Musk is more focused on developing breakthrough technologies, and his companies have teams of "incredible engineers" who can achieve these goals. “In my experience, great engineers can only work for great engineers. This is my primary responsibility, and not being the CEO, ”summed up Elon Musk.